Busy Bee English

Free online English revision course for kids aged 8 to 10. 

Easy. Fun. Effective.

  • Do you feel your kids need to improve their English or to practise it more, but you can't find a course that fits your family needs?
  • Your kids love English and you would like them to join a course where they can shine?
  • Are you looking for a course which will get your children to fall in love with English?
  • Are you looking for a way to make your kids meet new friends from all over Europe, know different cultures and practice English with other kids from different countries?
  • Are you a home educating or homeschooling parent looking for an English tutor who will inspire your child to learn English?



It is a free seven-week e-course for Italian and foreign children between 8 and 10 years old. The first email will be sent to you as soon as you subscribe. To receive it, you only have to enter your name and your email in the form below. The video lessons are accompanied by learning material and an invitation to join my Facebook Group, where you can meet other children who are doing the same course.  

I want to be a Busy Bee


  • as soon as you subscribe, you'll get an email every week. In the email, you'll find a ten-minute video lesson, a study guide, online games to help your child memorise new words and language and board games to play with friends and family. 
  • your child can learn at her/his own pace, and she/he'll have one week to go through the content before the next lesson.
  • there won't be any live meetings (for them, you'll have to wait till October, when I'll open the doors of The Hive - pre-register here). But you can join my Facebook group and let me know your child is doing the course. I'll be happy to chat and interact with him/her there. Furthermore, if there are enough kids, I can set up a free playgroup for my Busy Bees.

Let's get busy!






My motto is:

At Home Doesn’t Mean Alone!

I help homeschooling parents with their English as a second language curriculum.  In my international online community. you can find fun activities, inspiring lessons, conversation classes, games and higher-level courses for children 8-12.


I can tutor your children (8-12 y.o.) in my international online community through fun activities, inspiring lessons, conversation classes, games and higher-level courses.



- Is there a coursebook?

No, there isn't. I'll send you all the learning material you need in my weekly emails.

- What about homework?

Not exactly. But after each lesson, I ask kids to practice what they learnt. I'll do it through online games, board games or games they can play with their family and friends. Sometimes I ask them to draw or do some listening activities.

- B.B. E. is for children from 8 to 10. Why this wide age gap?

Because this is a revision course, children can either take it to check on what they already know and remember or do it to learn something new. Plus, they can also see what learning online is.

- Will we meet live?

Busy Bee English doesn't include live meetings (for them, you have to wait for the Hive in October, you can pre-register here).  But, as your child starts the course,  join my Facebook Group and let me know you are a Busy Bee. The, as soon as we have a group we can meet live to play and practice English together.

And you are giving all of this for free?!? Where is the catch?

This free course is an opportunity for me to break the ice with your kids; to show to parents how I work and to see how I can help your children learn English in the future.

For further doubts write to noemi.bessone@learnitplayit.com


  • Learn it, play it!

    “I love Noemis energy and her lovely way to engage with the children even via pc. My shy son came out of his shell and is waiting excited for the next meeting!”

    Mother of Justus 13 now getting A2 level.

  • Learn it, play it!

    “Mia figlia segue i corsi di Noemi da anni, molto competente. Metodo di insegnamento coinvolgente, innovativo e divertente. Assolutamente consigliata! ”

  • Learn it, play it!

    “After a few weeks of course, I have already seen some results! My son speaks more confidently, becomes more confident in dealing with language and works out the pronunciation himself with new words - and is often correct. ”

    (homeschooling mum) mother of Lucien who is now getting his A1 level.

  • Learn it, play it!

    “I bimbi imparano l’inglese in modo naturale, giocando e divertendosi... finalmente un insegnamento fuori dagli schemi tradizionali. Grazie Teacher Noemi”

  • Learn it, play it!

    “...we sniffed an evening into the course, were very warmly accepted into the group and were directly inspired by Noemis incredibly likeable beings. How in a playful way she brings the language to the children and awakens the interest of the children. We have particularly positively noticed her human treatment of the children, which does not require any punishment, reward or performance pressure. The learning content is varied, for example, Noemi uses small hand puppets, movement songs and different games." In the box is especially loved here. But also with the older and from English level more advanced children the lessons are very creatively designed.”

    (unschooling mum) mother of Iwein 7 y.o who took part to both Movers Online and to the online Playgroup for smaller kids

  • Learn it, play it!

    “Mia figlia segue i corsi di Noemi da anni!
    Con il suo metodo riesce a far appassionare e apprendere in modo semplice ma molto efficace!! 👍
    Noemi è un’ottima insegnante e una persona che sa farsi voler bene da bambini e ragazzi ❤️ continueremo senz’altro questo percorso!
    Grazie Noemi ❤️”

  • Learn it, play it!

    “Noemi è un’ottima insegnante, è competente e si relaziona perfettamente con i bimbi! Consiglio vivamente i suoi corsi, mio figlio li frequenta ormai da 3 anni! ”

  • Learn it, play it!

    “Consiglio i laboratori della maestra Noemi perché riesce a svegliare l'interesse anche nei ragazzi non proprio
    propensi all' apprendimento della lingua ”

  • Learn it, play it!

    “Da 4 anni Marco è un suo allievo!!

    L'avessi conosciuta prima!!!

    Sa far piacere l'inglese ai nostri figli, oltre ad essere molto brava!!”

  • Learn it, play it!

    “Yes, I recommend Noemi. Your kids will learn English in a fun and relaxed way. They will enjoy it!”

    ESL Teacher and Author

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