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Welcome to the first post of a new section of my blog: The Celt Mama. In this section, I would like to share what I am learning about Celt traditions and spirituality and how to apply them to your family's daily life to take a little magic and new energy to your parenting. I have always been fascinated by ancient traditions and cultures. I have read many books about this topic, especially investigating the connections between our Christian traditions with ancient pagan ones. My favourite book about this topic is "Il Sapere dei Nostri Vecchi" by Massimo Centini which explores the Celt legacy in Piedmont, the Italian region where I live.

If you are thinking I will tell you about sacrificing animals or dancing around fires at night in the middle of the woods under the full moon, you are mistaken. The Celt traditions I will introduce to you in this section are allied to the different seasons of the year. They aim at living by following the rhythm of nature to connect with one's self and desires.  The purpose of celebrating the Celtic phases of the year is helping you find new energy and focus on the life you want to live or on the kind of parent you want to be.  The Celt Mama enjoys spending time in nature with her children and aspires to a slow life. If you are intrigued by what I have shared with you so far, keep reading, and let me tell you how to be a Celt Mama in Autumn.

Celts considered Autumn the season of gratitude. It was the time for stopping and for thanking. Since we don't follow the rhythm of nature anymore, for us Autumn is the season of new beginnings, new projects, and fresh starts. We don't think about stopping, but we put all of our energy into a new routine made of school, after-school activities, gym, courses, work, etc. and soon we will find ourselves and our children drained.

Well, a Celt mama would tell you to stop and enjoy the new season because this would allow you to find all the energy you'll need for your new routine and projects. The key lies in practising gratitude, just like the Celts used to do because when we do this, we keep a positive attitude. A positive attitude gives us new energy. Gratitude has also to do with recognising abundance in our lives. When we acknowledge abundance, we generate more of it. And it could be an abundance of health, work, money, time…whatever we desire!

Here is what you can do to be a Celt mama for a few days and to bond with your children by celebrating this season the ancient way:

Find time for these activities and let me know whether I was right about the increasing of energy and well being.


Bye for now

Teacher Noemi

If you'd like to celebrate Mabon (autumn) with your children and learn Englishhere is my 10-day mini-course about Autumn and Gratitude. From October 22nd to October 31st (day of the live meeting on Zoom). A 10-day course which includes 3 catch up days! Find your routine, learn English with your child, and bond with her/him.

Mini-course calendar: 

Thursday 22th DAY 1 – 15- minute-activity

Friday 23 8 DAY 2 – catch up day

Saturday 24 DAY 3 – 15- minute-activity

Sunday 25th DAY 4 -  15- minute-activity

Monday 26st DAY 5 – catch up day

Tuesday 27t DAY 6 - 15- minute-activity

Wednesday 28th DAY 7 - 15- minute-activity

Thursday 29th DAY 8–  15- minute-activity

Friday 30th  DAY 8 -  15- minute-activity

Saturday 31st DAY 9 - Live Meeting (we will decide the time together)


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